Last week I did some analysis on MAU of some of the top Apps in India. You can check it here —

I was asked to plot the valuation of each startup over MAU by a friend. I started collecting last publicly announced valuation of each startup and tried…

Fake reviews are so commonplace among (well funded) Indian Apps (a trick we all learnt from China probably). But what is a “fake review”, why do apps resort to it & how to identify which ones do it. A small write up below:

As an app developer, we all desire to see a good Play Store ratings. We ask our friends, families, employees to give 5 star reviews. We may even go little overboard and start asking 5 star reviews from people we meet randomly or know casually :) Sometimes we bribe our…

PMF analyzer for early stage startups or/and a Growth dashboard for a post PMF B2C startup: Download FREE excel dashboard

Q. What is a Product Market Fit?

A. Customers love the product, they are ready to pay/already paying, word of mouth or organic growth has kicked in.

Q. How do you measure it?

A. You just know it.

Q. How do you tell others/VCs that you have achieved PMF?

A. Your gut feel will reflect in some data. Some of it could be the following:

  • Organic growth: Low eCPI
  • Product love: Low uninstalls, high…

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In December 2019, the Reserve Bank of India had set up a committee for the analysis of Quick Response or QR codes, that submitted its report in July. Among other key recommendations like scalability, security, know-your-customer, and awareness, the committee suggested phasing out…

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I write about Growth, Product & Analytics | Currently at indiagold | Earlier Product @Paytm

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